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Hello :) So I've been posting some things that I made in photoshop.. and I finally installed the illustrator in my notebook so yay ! So, who is excited about Deathly Hallows pt.2? Yesterday I bought Deathly Hallows pt.1's DVD and watched the extras.. So freaking good! I'm too excited about pt.2, my expectations are really high.. Sooo, McFLY's coming here! But the tickets to the show are really expensive so I'm not going :( Paul McCartney will come as well, and guess what, I'm not going to his concert too. But that's okay.. Hope u guys have a great Easter!

Sorry for my english :)
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Hello guys :) Just came here to say that I changed my old notebook for a new one YAY haha, so I'm still installing some softwares, like my Photoshop. So, once I finish, I'll upload some new stuff. Thanks for the comments and the favorites.

PS: Sorry for my english ;)
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So... I need to say that I don't really speak english so you have to forgive me if I make some mistakes. I speak portuguese, guys. But that's okay, I just came here to say that I'm uploading some photoshop editions made by me. The truth is: I don't know how to draw and this is awful 'cause I want to be a designer haha.
Ok, that's it.. See you soon :)
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Hey there! My name's Mariana, and I write some stuff. I don't REALLY know english so you have to forgive me. So this is it. Thanks for read it.
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